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June is a coming of age drama set in Aurangabad. Drawing from writer producer Nikhil Mahajanaposs own childhood and of those known to him June is a soaring portrait of two troubled people who help each other heal.

Lalka Paag


The film is based on a story by Raj Kamal Chaudhary. The title Lalka Paag, red marriage headgear, is very significant in Maithili marriage tradition. The film revolves around Radhakant, a medical student who is married to a village girl by his father, without his consent. Torn between his love affair at college and marriage, he is unable to accept this life. He is frustrated, irritated and embarrassed of his new bride while she silently yearns for the love of her husband. He leaves her and returns to the medical college. Tiru is left to wait for his arrival with every passing day of her life. Encouraged by his stepmother, after a year Radhakant comes back with the decision to marry Kamakhya, his beloved. Tiru is shattered from within, but approves of it with a smile on her face. In her moist eyes were hidden oceans of tears, and with her laughter, revealed, her selflessness. The film is a tribute to the strength of a woman, her tolerance, her patience, her sacrifice, her innocence, her love and endurance. It also closely deals with the confusion in human emotions and feelings caused due to circumstances. The soulful music and rich visuals capture the mood of the film.

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